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Synthwave Drift

Synthwave Drift is a mobile endless runner game with a heavy influence on music and rhythm.

Working as the lead developer, I've been in charge of the direction of the game as well as implementing a large part of the mechanics. 

I've also created a number of the car assets that are unlockable throughout the game. 

Synthwave Drift

I worked as the lead programmer and collaborated on car asset creation. 

Synthwave drift was a collaborative project I worked on over the coronavirus lockdown. It features obstacle dodging between lanes, dynamic speed based on the BPM of the background song being played, and a car selection system that uses cassette tapes as a currency system.

Github Link

You can view the Github repo with the project files here.

Synthwave Drift's gameplay is a third person, endless runner style game where the player (car) can weaves around obstacles in order to progress further. 

The speed at which the car moves is reactive with the song's BPM, so the faster the song's tempo is, the faster the car moves and the harder the run will be. 

To make it more visually interesting, the camera also pulses to the beat of the track being played in the background.

The game also features a car selection mechanic, allowing the player to buy different cars with the cassette tapes they had collected throughout their runs. 

The cars were either in an "available", "purchasable" or "locked" state, and whether the player had unlocked the car, and had enough cassettes to buy the car, these states would change. 

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